The people have decided…[Update]

And what they’ve decided is this:


There shall be a new law, well it’s sort of a reinstatement of a past law that Jeepdino created during the EKAT war.

Law 46. All contact with the following clan(s) are to be severed: Cyclix. No battles, team matches, or duels are to be accepted. (P. 2nd Degree, 3rd Degree)

Imma Banana,


[Eagle613]: I don’t like this. My freedom senses are tingling and that’s NEVER a good sign.

[Reaper]: This law is repealed. The vote never won a majority and the war will continue.


27 thoughts on “The people have decided…[Update]

  1. *cough* Lets add this to our war record, shall we? Our first loss, gained by just giving up….. Then lets act like China and isolate ourselves from everyone…… or was it Japan……

    1. QUEMA! we didn’t give up. we just decided to quit. besides, they never “won” that war anyway. It’s a stalemate so if it’s going on the war record it would be put under clans neither beaten or lost to.

      1. If you can call a chessboard with them having their king, queen, rooks, knights, and bishops, and us having our king and a few pawn a stalemate, then yes, this a stalemate.

      2. xD “We didn’t give up……..we decided to quit.” I guess you can’t call a bunch of 1v1’s winning a war but dude….. rethink that last sentence I just said. Giving up is pretty much you deciding to quit.

  2. I can’t believe you idiots voted for this, when I did it with EKAT, it was because no-one was interested in a final battle and there was no threat to us due to Gamemaster.

  3. Yes! Thank you for repealing it 😀
    I must admit, I was one mean moment away from throwing in the towel. With Tethys getting demoted for saying exactly what we needed to hear. And then that “isolation” law that ended the war, but without a surrender. Running away and hiding will not end anything. The only way it can be truly ended is if we admit defeat, or we make a comeback and win. -Since the war is yet going I prefer the latter option.
    Thanks again for repealing it.

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