Summer at Last!

Finally! I’m at home for the summer! (Thank god for Spares and Phys Ed!) Since I have no exams, I planned on holding a Gaming party to celebrate the end of the year, so on the 25th I won’t be on. But, every time after that I’ll be on because during the days leading to it I’ll be getting stuff to prepare for it, such as chips, pop, pizza and such else. and I made this post not to talk about me, but for all the other High School students in GSA that have no exams. I wish to everyone this…


Have a Great Summer everyone!


Stand Proud!


P.S. What do you think of my new signoff?


3 thoughts on “Summer at Last!

    1. this comment’s off topic Gingex… and, i feel bad for you, must be fucking freezing brah.

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