Peace Conference

Unfortunately I was not able to come to the peace conference, not only do I live in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. but I got back at 3:30 PM, which is 6:30 PM EST for those in the west coast.

Anyhow, I went to the GSA chat and I was told by the host of the peace conference, that the peace conference consisted of mostly Cyclix going after the GSA verbally, and GSA defending themselves, while BOA remained mostly silent.

I will try to hold a peace conference with only the leaders of the 3 clans, but there are no promises. I am told that Cyclix was so enraged that they would not agree to a new peace conference. If Cyclix is willing to appear at the peace conference that I may create, I would like to remind them that we are in a conference that is about Peace, not about rattling off insults or flaming at the GSA.



4 thoughts on “Peace Conference

  1. Lol, duh. What did we expect from those bike riders? I mean, there clan was formed from violence and anger. At least that’s what they teach and reflect.

    1. said “bike riders” sort of had much better points than we sort of did, i mean i made the best of what i could have but their allegations are sort of corrects

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