It is of my greatest sorrow that I must update a few things on the Diplomacy page.

I just don’t get people in Raze, who when allied to you speak of Cyclix like it is a hellspawn and that it is of the vilest of trash. Then when they defect and ally Cyclix and say the same things about GSA they did to Cyclix.

It just makes me think…

Are you guys really such two-faced b*tches?

Anyway, Raze has been moved to Tensioned.

Upper Heaven has been moved to Neutral.

Imma Banana,



7 thoughts on “Diplomacy

  1. This is the fourth time Raze and Monkey have shown their true colors. So whatevs…Raze is irrelevant anyways.

  2. uhm, what in the fuck does UH have to do with this post exactly? you WERE complaining at Raze after all…

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