Court Post [Ruled and Sentenced]

Nickman101: Ok, according to Chat Law 8, Jeepdino is removed of his XAT powers from 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM on 6/12/14, as his punishment. We’re joking if people don’t abuse chat powers all the time, and unless we enforce the chat rules all of the time, for everyone, then there is no point in going after Jeep.

Reaper: I call this punishment complete bull-honky. Real punishment for real law broken, k?

Nickman101: Please do not cross out my ruling, I am punishing him according to the law. I will speak to Jeepdino, and if there are further problems then I will see what I can do.

However, I am disappointed that Jeepdino did this, and I will have a conversation with him, and I hope that I can get into a conversation with Ghostehz, and have him re-join the GSA, since he is indeed, awesome.

The Accused: Jeepdino

The Accuser: BananaReaper

Accused of: Abuse of Xat power as Main Owner by kicking Ghostehz once, for saying the word “Moist” and more times after for no apparent reason. As a result Ghostehz left out of rage.

Chat Law 8. If a moderator/owner abuses his/her power then he/she may be temporarily relieved of his/her chat powers. (If there is proof or if there are multiple member complaints.)

Chat Law 7. GSA Members cannot be banned in the Chat Box, no matter what. However you can guest them.

Multiple member complaints by: Ghostehz, LegendaryBen, Asariel (Black_Operator/Carla), Scarlett_The_Kitteh, Legendastriker


Witnesses explain in the comments what happened.

Jeep- The only crime committed here is insubordination, and that spelling error to my name. It’s either Jeepdino, or JEEPDINO. Not both.

[Reaper]: You just confessed to banning a GSA member, Ghostehz when he was still GSA.

Jeep- Last time I looked that law was lifted by Nick, and if you can’t deal with 5 seconds then there’s something wrong. They had no right to be insubordinate or break chat laws themselves.



36 thoughts on “Court Post [Ruled and Sentenced]

  1. Long story short, Me, carla and Ghost said moist, and jeep guested/banned Carla and Ghost for saying it. He didnt ban me though, i had prntscreens but i didnt save them.

  2. LOL! No, I banned them for 5 seconds then unbanned them, then they decided they wanted to be insubordinate and insult me. (I bet ben didn’t take screenshots of that did you?) So I guested them until they stopped but Kitteh contiued to unguest them therefore usurping my orders which she does not have the authority to do, Ghost left, I unguested Carla and he continued, he calmed down after a few minutes and that was the end,

    Is Carla even GSA? If Carla is GSA then he she needed to be guested anyway for not wearing a tag. Didn’t take pictures of that either did you Ben?

      1. I thought you were GSA, you kept screaming about how your tag is legit and no-one else did anything so I rolled with it. But now that I know I might just make you stop wearing it

    1. Like how i told you on the chat. I’m not taking anyways side. Im not being biased to Carla And Ghost, i’m just clearly stating what i saw during the chat.

      1. Last time I looked Nick removed the non-banning thing. And IIRC Ghost didn’t have his GSA tag on so it’s his fault.

    2. Jeez Jeep and wow me for making Jeez and Jeep look alike I am such an awesome sight too look at just look at me im so awesome and why am I not putting punctuations on my sentences oh yeah ’cause I wanna so yeah bye this makes no sense

  3. I’m disappointed in all of you.
    Especially you Ajbenius.
    The Founders Group is a group of influential and politically adequate members who help serve justice if none is served. Right now you’re not doing your part. You’re totally biased against Ghostehz because of his “attitude”. You all should be disappointed in yourself for this. I don’t fuckin’ care if Ghost has an attitude, the law is the law, and the law is to be followed. This corruption cannot stand.

    1. From now on, any comment that is not one of the witnesses or the accused/accuser or the victims, and they have nothing to do with the court case, then I will delete them.

    2. Really Banana? Where’s MY justice that they broke laws? Why am I the one being targeted and not them? Shove your “justice” up yours.

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