Ghost Recon Phantoms Showcase!

So, Banana introduced me to Ghost Recon Online (Now named Ghost Recon Phantoms), and I thought that it was a great potential colony for the GSA. Though it is a 3d 3rd person shooter, and therefore likely requires more processing power and a better graphics card and ram, I have found that I can run it on high settings without any lag to my computer, and the settings to all of the way down to low. I have an average computer so I am sure that most of us can run this game based on my experience. It is a lot better then Contract Wars due to its better graphics, and it has a better clan system and ranking system. Yes, a clan system! Damocles, Banana, and I, are involved in a clan called U$O, which Banana created as a memorial to the Plazma Burst 2 USO clan.

Anyhow, its a downloadable Ubisoft game, so to get it, go to this link, and create an account, (or sign in to your pre-existing account.)

Here is a review and some gameplay:


10 thoughts on “Ghost Recon Phantoms Showcase!

  1. I actually had the idea of the balancing system he mentioned…
    Aside from stealing my ideas, the game looks great. xD
    Also, clan vs clan. (GOO)

  2. its a good game you guys should really play it… i was playing it last week with my cousin im a rank 7 assault 2 recon and i think 6 support but according to my cousin it turns to **** after rank 8

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