Fun Training

Kitteh, Jon, Quema and I decided to make a training map, I was so bored I decided to use defibrillator and swords only and this is what happened.

Quema lost his arms sadly.


Jon’s RQ L0L


















And than there is Quema dying L0L





That’s all folks, have a good Saturday.




6 thoughts on “Fun Training

    1. Jeep, here is an example how to act like a fool, make your clan look like terrorists by raiding random bases.

      Example: ===> Definitely not childish, I gained so many people’s respect on that day especially Red-C I don’t have to say anything to you.

      We had so much fun in that training, we didn’t nuke it and we improved our skills.
      In base maps, you just shoot people and nuke it later. How is that improving something? It’s just waste of time in my opinion. When my time is up in President rank, you can change the laws if you want. But this is how I want it.

      1. You’re talking about multiple things at once here.

        1. That’s raiding fake maps, and you’re talking about raiding random maps. We’re talking about raiding ENEMY MAPS.

        2. Now you’re talking about making our own maps, our own base maps are for hanging out and possible repelling a raid. If we want to train we make training maps.

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