Hello GSA members Damocles is here and yes I am the new president so this post is going to be about some changes because as we know… some people RAIDS bases and makes us look like little kids and TERRORISTS by raiding those bases. So, here is some changes i am going to make. I know it’s going to be pain in the a** reading the whole thing but just read it so you’ll know what I did some updates for GSA.

[Nickman101:] Looks like we forgot every law regarding the President, so I will remind you all that these changes ARE NOT OFFICIAL, and that they need to go under vote to take form.

1. There will be NO base raiding (I hope you are reading AJ) I’ll tell you why as well. Raiding bases makes us look childish and fools. It’s not EKAT we are fighting with, it’s Cyclix and those guys don’t go on bases or play in DM maps. I only see them in approved maps. AJ, you can raid bases if you go as a guest. If you nuke the base, you are NOT allowed to post it on GSA site. You can take a Prnscrn and save it in your computer if you want but I don’t want to see any base raiding pictures on GSA site anymore. If you go on approved maps and go 100-1 like I did before couple times. That’s great, post that picture and show us how skillful you are.

[Reaper]: Let Aj do what he wants, if he wants to ruin his training by fighting people with 200+ ping in a role-playing base as a guest, that’s fine by me.

 [Damocles] Yeah let AJ do base raids, post it on GSA site and make us even more chilidsh. Please reaper let’s do that.

[Eagle613]: Woah there, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Raiding is still permitted as long as the base is an official enemy clan base of GSA with actual enemy clan members inside it.


[Nickman101]: I think we should just ban raiding neutral bases.

2.I updated the members list [Members and Ranks (2.0)] I took out the people who left or extremely inactive (which means never comes to the chat) I hope Eagle wont get mad for editing his page. I didn’t edit any of the Division page except TF99. Just added the website link in TF99 page.

[Eagle613]: Don’t worry about it. But from now on leave the Members and Ranks to me. Ish moi page.

3. There will be training everyday. Training not like you have to make a co-op game and kill each other that’s just for fun, from now on, Commanders, Colonels, Generals (all General ranks) and FG will make a map and train GSA members like selfboosting, tactics and etc. Don’t just make a game and kill each other, if he’s bad at something, Tell him what to do because people are in Commander rank and Above are smart enough to teach. The training maps will be approved maps so we can get more use to playing in approved maps. For Behemoth as I promised you. If you want to promote someone, you can make a map like a saw map and watch him play. Put a time limit and if he can’t finish the saw before the time ends. He wont get promoted and make sure you make a time limit that is possible to pass or…… or you can promote 2 people at the same time. They can fight each other and whoever wins or played better than other even if he lost, he gets a promotion but it’s your decision to decide who will get a promotion.

 [Nickman101:] I hope this isn’t a law because it wouldn’t make sense as one haha

4. There will be no more insulting each other unless you are being sarcastic like Ghostehz and Ben because those 2 are always being Sarcastic unless you make them use Grammar. Ben is Ex 4*Gen and Ghostehz is almost smarter than anyone here. Ben and Ghostehz has the most experience here unless you piss them off. As I said, There will be no insulting each other. If the person you insulted takes a picture of you insulting him and You get 1 Demotion. If you insult a member of FG, You get 2 demotions. I know some of you think *What is Damocles doing?* This is GSA and we are family here it’s not like other clans those are different. We are the one of the oldest clan in PB2 and I am sure you must treat your brothers and sisters nicely. Make sure you don’t make Ghostehz use grammar. (important)

[Reaper]: This is already a law.

[Damocles] Haha… Already a law… People still swear at each other in the chat and they mean it. I don’t see anyone getting a demotion or warning if it’s law? Can you explain that to me Reaper?

[Eagle613]: Most people just joke around with each other. Unless someone is getting cber bullied for real, there isn’t any need to demote. But if someone is getting seriously harrased, they need to contact the FG so we can work it out and serve the just punishment.

5. About talking with Sheep… Yeah I changed my mind unless you want peace between GSA and Cyclix. He’s been acting idiotic lately. I will not bother talking with him about the war unless you want me to.

 [Nickman101]: Its a stage.

6. There will be no more recruiting in base maps and I hope Night you are reading this because you are the one technically does this. If you want to recruit people to GSA there is something called *Ranked-Unranked* matches and instead of recruiting people who doesn’t know anything about respect or how to play PB2, you can found lots of people in approved maps that knows how to play PB2 correctly and skilled. You can teach them respect, they’ll in time by discipline.

[Reaper]: I agree with this 100%. Most people in bases never play ranked or unranked matches. They just join clans to get inside the bases, they don’t understand what a clan is. Approved matches are where we should recruit. ex: GSA Tryouts stryde-sniper, mariosonicv-raywars, etc.

7. Promotion tests. As I promised, the tests will be easier because as we all know a recruit can’t beat a General or a member of FG so, when the test is done, you can decide if they deserve a promotion or not. If they loose, that does not mean they are not getting a promotion. If they are good enough, I am sure you will make the right decision because FG and Generals have the experience of other GSAs that they recruited in the past and during the EKAT war. Even if you don’t get a promotion, don’t worry, you don’t have to wait for a week or 2 weeks for another one. If you fail the test, you have 12 hours for the next promotion test. If a General or a FG member is not in the chat, you can wait. By saying General I mean all the Generals (Example: BrGen LtGen MjrGen)

[Reaper]: This is why there are Promo Training maps that introduce self boosting, wall jumping, and other needed abilites to pwn in pb2.

 [Nickman101:] You cannot make this change legally. Also, you must outline more detail if you have a new promotion system idea.

8.If you Promote someone. Make sure you have a proof that you promoted them. Make a post or show a picture to a FG member so we’ll know who promoted him and when he got promoted (Example: Cpt.Xperia Is Promoted to Cmdr.) and a Picture below, time, and who promoted him.

[Reaper]: That is what the PROMOTION RECORDS are for!!!

[Damocles] Yeah you are right Reaper but sadly no one uses that.


That’s all and if I come up with better ideas, I will make a post about it. Thank you for reading and choosing me as a president. Have a nice day.



Jeep- I’m Pretty sure this requires a vote. And a lot of this is a step backwards from what we already have.

[Damocles] I know Jeep but sadly most of the people forgot these steps so I am just reminding them and adding other things.

[Eagle613]: Jeep is right. Most of these will need to be put to a vote before we can implement them. And I’ll talk with you later about some edits that I think should be added.


15 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Damocles, fix your grammar.Second, you can barely talk on approved maps if it gets heated, how in the hell are you suppose to recruit especially when all they care about is hitting the idiot talking and not moving.

      1. If there gone, then that’s kinda good. One because it removes those that do not care, and two, it makes us look more organized.

  2. Even though some people think you did some wrong things, you helped GSA in a way that makes us more organized and makes us look better by not raiding civilian bases. All in all I have to say good job.

  3. Pretty sure this all requires a vote, and most of this is a step backwards from what is already in place.

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