GSA Training.

So yesterday we had a training game when Nick came.

[Nick] Alright ladies lock and load training time

[GSA] Yeah!

and then there is bravo Loling. By the way Bravo is back (pty)

Here are some pictures.


Eagle’s Rage. L0L





Me trying to Defib Behemoth.



Nick getting shot by 2 railguns and still lived.




Night getting killed by Behemoth (Behemoth is on tablet so he can’t move or talk lol)



Eagle’s whinning about Behemoth’s camping (Oh by the way I am probably gonna get demoted for posting these pictures about Eagle L0L Worth it!)



Me getting a double kill (Eagle and Bravo L0L)



Bravo’s Rage lol







Team Photo. Sadly Nick and Eagle wasn’t in it because Eagle couldn’t control himself and when Nick said *Ok let’s take a picture*

And then There is eagle killing people. So Nick RQ we took a photo lol




I’ll post other pictures later. Have nice day GSA.




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