Now that we have all of the candidates, let’s get this show on the road.

Candidates | Votes

Damocles | 6

Deluxe 30 | 1

PzkM | 3

Gingex | 5

Ismail | 0


[Reaper]: If end vote results in a tie, the two remaining candidates will, then, be in a second election with only them as the candidates.

Make sure to read the speeches carefully so you know what each candidate has to offer.


PzkM‘s Speech

But , talking seriously, I am not going to bullsh*t you. I want the presidency to make serious changes to the governmental system in GSA. I will reinstate certain democratic features that we had in the past, and get rid of other parts of GSA that hinder or are detrimental to the democratic ideals that we supposedly uphold. Corruption is not evident – yet, and as a long running member in this clan, I would do whatever possible to prevent it from developing.
Now, I realize that major reformation sometimes sounds like rebellion, or insurgency, but I assure you all that this is not the case. Change is frightening, especially when a system seems to be going so well. Facades cannot last forever, and I don’t want to be the one who idly stood by while the system went to sh*t. I realize that people not seeing this from my perspective are going to be confused what this statement really means.
To clarify and summarize, I believe that GSA is leaning away from its former ideologies and it is someone’s job to push it back to democracy. I can be the one to do that. This isn’t a cheap rhetoric, this is serious.
A vote for me is a vote for GSA’s future.

Gingex‘s Speech

I should be president caz y’all too serious and mah gahd dang auotcorrect is really pissing me off.
anyway yeah vote gingex.
coz otherwise i will destroy you all

Ismail‘s Speech

I wont be sweet talking so listen carefully,
The reason that i want to become the next president is because the governmental system really needs some changes.
Other than that i would like to “re-store” the old school democracy of GSA.
I also want to kick our “Colonizing other games” a notch, so that all the GSA members can play their favorite games with their fellow GSA friends.
But the fact is that we must not forget who we are: We are the Galactic Security Army.
We shall fight every battle and every war till the end.
And i believe that everyone has a reason for choosing the GSA as their clan -
[Insert Good Reason Here],
I want to sharpen the recruiting system so that we wont have to deal with spy’s but in another way still can recruit our newbie members easier.
We are a strong clan, but we Always need to get stronger.
We can only get stronger with democracy, that means no communism and no “Self Making rules” without voting.
Vote for me if you want a future GSA full of democracy and less war losses.
Vote for me if you want to play with your fellow GSA friends in other games together.

Damocles‘ Speech

First of all, we all know that our members are not trained enough I mean if you try to vs with a Cyclix member, you’ll loose. So I will change that. There will be atleast 3 practices everyweek unless you are inactive because we don’t train enough.
2nd, I will talk with Sheep to make peace between GSA and Cyclix (Sheep, if you are reading this, I know it’s not going to happen but ah, I’ll still try) I don’t know about Boa because Urkiller has been talking trash about GSA and all he does is makes posts about GSA so If I become a president,I wont do anything about Boa.
3rd,  AjBenius I hope you are reading this, there will be no more recuiting in base maps that’s why we are not trained enough. Example, whenever I join a practice game with people in GSA, they don’t do very well, they know how to play Example no offense to others but Nighthawk, Banana and Jeepdino are the best players in GSA, The best ones we have. So let’s try to recuit people in apporoved maps so they are better then the people we recuit in base maps. (You don’t have to make a map you can just pick one apporoved map example= Krow-Combat)
4th, If I become a president, you are not allowed to insult eachother. If you are being  sarcastic, I don’t care unless you are insulting a FG or talking behind someone. Keep your thoughts for yourself. This is for Buzzard, Billy and Quema, you guys know what I am talking about. I mean cmon we are all brothers and sisters here especially you Kala.
5th, There will be no civilian base raiding, leave them alone. Instead of wasting your time in raiding bases or going there and joinning the map hanging out with people there, I know it’s fun I used to that when I was a newbie like in 2011 for 1 month then I stopped because it was waste of my time, instead of raiding bases, go on apporoved maps and increase your skills. So whenever you do an 1v1, you will have a better change to win.
6th, Promotion test, in the test, they don’t have to win if they want to get promoted, example, A recuit can’t beat a General. FG and Generals will stay as the promotion masters but if they lost, doesn’t mean they are not getting a promotion, you saw a recuit before *not mentioning parthredox* If you think that recuit is good enough to be a Pvt. he deserves a promotion, for Behemoth (This is specially for you man) If you want to promote someone, you can tell them to make a saw map and make a timer, example if they want to get a promotion, they must beat the saw in 3 minutes or 4 it’s up to you.
Lastly, If I become a president, I promise you all I will edit the page (If I become an editor) take out the inactive members or people that are not GSA anymore, I know Eagle did that but sadly he added me twice, if you are reading this Eagle, Damocles and BlackCenturion are the same person.

And if you are promoting someone, you must make a post about it and a proof. Don’t just randomly promote someone without a proof



56 thoughts on “#VOTE4PREZ

      1. And gingex *not whispering anymore* I never said you wouldn’t lead GSA to good dayz. At least im in a house that cant ever be destroyed and no one inside it can be hurt. lel 🙂

  1. I vote for Damocles

    Yes, even if he is president, insulting is still going to happen its bound to(though for once, I’m probably not gonna be the one doing it) But besides that he’s got nothing but good to offer. More training, trying diplomacy with Cyclix, better recruit tactics, and promotion tests that are not purely based on skill. Lol and best of all, he’s gonna update the GSA page!!

  2. am vote for ginger because am not want to get destroyed

    also because that guys been around for ever and he’s got a heart of gold it’s about fucking time i mean seriously dude

    1. Still, we need someone smart for president. Gold in the blood stream tends to damage the brain.

      1. only if the brain is born of flesh. I am an immortal deamon sent to destroy those who oppose the authoritah of the only true god. Death. Rivers of red and gold will flow wherever i step. Be careful for you tread across mirky water.

      2. HEY HE’S JUST AS SMART AS ANYONE HERE and plus i think he’s seen everyone do it enough to have some kind of knowledge towards how to be a decent president

    1. im pretty sure we made a law against that. Besides, you should be ashamed of your self. (D)

  3. I vote Damocles cause he’s smart and actually wants to make great changes to the GSA website and members. VOTE FOR FRIKIN DAMOCLES WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (okay overreaction alert *weeee-oooooo……..weeeee-ooooooo*

  4. I hope this isn’t late. I know I’m cutting it close, but I’ve had a very busy day. Moving/Ricking hay and such.

    I vote Damocles.

    I read everyone’s speech and I am sure everyone running will make a good president. I mainly chose Damocles because I like his campaign to deal with Cyclix. Which I consider our biggest problem now. I get so F***** tired of reading their posts about us denying we have been losing and stuff. And basically all the trash they say about us.

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