To All GSA members

Guys, enough with base raiding/nuking it’s really annoying when I get on my PC, I don’t want to see a base raiding score or (AHAHAHAHAH CYCLIX GOT PWNED DEM BITC HES!) I don’t want to see that, I really don’t. If you want to win against a cyclix member there is something called *Duel* or *1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4* I want to see that kind of scoreboards. Do you know why we are getting called *noob* or *GSA is acting childish?* Because of this base raiding. I mean when we were warring EKAT, that was fun I admit but enough with this bullsh*t. Ajbenius, I am not ordering you to stop raiding, it’s just a request sir, just please stop raiding cyclix bases even if you do, do it as a guest or don’t post it on GSA site.


3 thoughts on “To All GSA members

  1. People shouldn’t be posting every freaking battle or raid. Its disorganized. Only post the big ones.

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