Battle Lost but War is Not Over

Jonb7, Triphoon, and I fought bravely against Eternal10, Monkeyman, and Vendetta in a TDM COOP match. At the start of the battle we weren’t doing so well, but when we warmed ourselves’ up we gave ’em hell. It sure helped that we’ve been training the past few days now. Good game to you Cyclix, and good job to my team, Jon and Triphoon. It’s hard to imagine how poorly XForce and I did on my first skirmish with Cyclix, and how well we did today.

Ending Score: 2012 Screenshot taken by Spectator KittehLol. Screenshot taken by me of the score after the battle was over.

To Eternal: You and your team’s teamwork was admirable at best. The way you cornered me and my teammates many of times is what I want to see with my men.

Imma Banana,



7 thoughts on “Battle Lost but War is Not Over

  1. Not bad gentlemen, good job. Considering the skill level of our opponents, I think we did very well, and would have won if we had even more experienced members in our force such as kitty and I.

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