Prove to me, GSA.

This post to continue/end the war. I’m utterly flabbergasted at how this vote is going down. Ever since this war has started, all of you have just loitered at the chat, talking smack, this includes me. Now that we’ve lost more than we’ve won, and we are starting a vote to end it as a surrender, all of you want to continue it. This is what I wanted to see.

Prove to me, GSA. Prove to me you want to win. Prove to me you want to win.

There are a number of ways to prove to me that you want to win. Here are just a few.


If we want to win, we will train. We will get better. And we will fight back, instead of just talking. All we are, are just all bark and no bite, meaning the only thing we’ve won at is having the knowledge of words and witty come backs. Enough of that. Enough of the bickering. Save it all for them, and them alone.


Most of you don’t do anything, including me. I want to change this. Show them what a true GSA does for their clan.


Your team is losing a match against an enemy clan? Deal with it! You don’t always win a match!

I will now add a law that will try to enforce #3.

Law 46: When in a team battle against a clan or other players, DO NOT rage quit from the match. Abandoning your teammates is unacceptable. (P: 1st & 2nd Degree)

Success comes from Loss!

Imma Banana,



38 thoughts on “Prove to me, GSA.

      1. Hey now, don’t degrade Reaper like that, he is still a very respectable member of GSA IMO. He didn’t surrender because of being scared, it was just pointless to him. But I’m glad he sees that even nuisances should be stopped. 😀

        1. … It’s pointless to him, so the best way around that is to randomly admit defeat even though we’re in no way in danger?

        2. Since it was pointless to him at the time, he saw no point in continuing it. Tell me, if you didn’t give a shit a bout something and you’d gain absolutely nothing from it by doing it, would you even try to do it? (CHEW)

        3. You mean the entire EKAT war? That I had a VOTE on to end in OUR FAVOR because there were NO threat to US?

        4. Were you here when we ended the war? Neither side was “winning”. There was just no real way to hurt eachother anymore ever since the Gamemaster system was put on and we had site back-ups. No-one was “winning”

        5. Yes as a matter of fact I was, though I wasn’t part of GSA at the time nor EKAT… and if you couldn’t tell who won that war, then why the hell do we put EKAT as another win for GSA on our war record?

        6. We did?

          Probably because EKAT is dead and we aren’t. 😛

          But really we just ended the war. We never said we lost, I don’t recall if we said we won or not

        1. I don’t make the war record.

          It could mean that their entire purpose was to kill us, which they failed at. So in a way we won

      2. My surrendering post was a way of reverse psychology tactic. No one was doing anything, so if I were to admit defeat, GSA Pride would tell everyone otherwise.
        Turns out I was right.

        1. THAT’S NOT THE KIND OF THING YOU PULL IN PUBLIC. If anything do it on the chat and then post about it later!

  1. 1. I’m banned. lulz.

    2. I’m banned. Lulz.


      1. I’M BANNED.

        And I didn’t even know we were fighting, we’re listed as Defcon 5 and have been for weeks.

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