Law Change

Because of the large controversy surrounding law 45, I am opting to remove it and to add on the reasonable aspect on to law 44.

Original Law:

45. You may attack people that have a weapon on them that appears threatening to you.  Weapons include both guns and swords.  This basically means that this person falls outside of PB2 civilian definition.

Controversy: This basically allows for the unnecessary killing of civilians if you “deem” them to be threatening for no reason. Therefore I am canceling this law out.

New Law:

44. You cannot murder civilians in a non warzone map. Civilians may only be targeted on a GSA or friendly base map if they verbally or physically threaten GSA personal.(P: 1st Degree)

Revision: This new adaptation only makes it legal to harm civilians on GSA or allied bases if they say or take a threatening advance towards a GSA member.

Now, I understand that this may be a confusing change. So if you have any questions, statements or concerns please leave them in a comment below the post.



21 thoughts on “Law Change

  1. But this makes it almost impossible for me and ajbenous to settle our bloodlust! D: nuuuuu
    Please change the law to ”Onry icey an Ajbeney ken keel ppl 4 funz” plox.

        1. Aj, shutup and move on with your life, it’s becoming pathetic. I’m sorry but yeah.

  2. Eagle, tell me, how is this a “confuseing change” its really just easy, for those who it is confuseing, they just need to grow a pair of brains

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