New Main Game

I have run the numbers and Minecraft has won. This doesn’t mean that we have to stop playing plazma burst 2 or other games, and it doesn’t mean that you have to have minecraft. Most of the purpose behind the vote was getting a general consensus on whether people would like to see a GSA minecraft server or not.

Anyhow, me and banana have found a trustable cracked free minecraft



24 thoughts on “New Main Game

    1. Well, maybe a scouting ship crashed into an uncolonized planet and…
      Nevermind, i agree completely xD

  1. Yeah and Minecraft gets boring for after a while.

    Nick are we gonna start the elections?

  2. I’m done with this clan for now. i need a break…people are getting away with calling me a faggot and that is not ok by any standards. i shouldn’t have to suck it up. I’m NOT going to suck it up. i tried to do that at school and I’m done. so i am going inactive for the time being. maybe i will come back when some law is made that says you cant bully people, because if there is one, i dont see it getting enforced anywhere.

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