So earlier I made a post about how making minecraft the new game would be good, but I really didn’t consider if everyone agreed with the change, only if the FG agreed.

So, if you have any ideas or games that you want to possibly move the GSA to, or if you want to just stay in plazma burst 2, post a comment.



37 thoughts on “Vote

  1. Mine craft is good, but it definitely dosnt fit GSA.
    So, ive come up with a few options that would be better for a main game:
    1. SWBF 1/2/3 (we discussed this a long time ago)
    2. Halo Reach (or other halos) (GOO)
    3. Destiny
    4. Wait for PB3
    5. Elite: Dangerous (An upcoming game, not much info on this yet.)

    1. I agree and I also think that we could expand to RC2/CW since they are on the same site( That and Battlefront. I can do minecraft, full account, just someone tell me how to get online. Thanks and we could continue PB2 as a secondary, a back-up game.

  2. Well, our options were:
    2.Spiral Knights
    3.DC Universe Online
    4.Red Crucible 2
    5.Contract Wars 2
    And we decided on Minecraft which I think is okay I guess

    1. Yes sir!! Minecraft, the game with box….everything would fit so well with space theme of GSA…. lol no….. yeah I guess we should change our main game plazma burst 2…but honestly pb2 isn’t too bad, many still play it

        1. Minecraft to me wouldn’t fit for GSA as much as even plazma burst 2 would, I do welcome change, just not that kind of change, from pb2 to minecraft, there must be a better choice.

  3. I would say CSO (Counter Strike Online (Malaysia-Singapore)) because it is free the only bad thing is that you have to collect 100 k points (not very hard) to create a “family”(clan). We could play togheter in zombie modes or in classic modes.

  4. Well I have never played mine craft before, and my laptop probably couldn’t handle it anyways. But I’ll just say this for what it’s worth.

    I do not think we should move GSA. Not unless we are willing to be called cowards for running and have Cyclix parading all over their website that they defeated us. And if so then we might as well pull out of PB2 altogether because all other clans would lose all respect for us. Read this Cyclix post: Just read it. We haven’t even moved yet so you know what they will say when we do? But what do you expect! I mean they was even trying to guess what the FG meeting was about before a date was set: If we leave now we will be doing exactly what they thought. At least wait until a conclusion has been reached with the clans against us so they will not say we ran from them. I say it is better lose a fight than to run like a coward.

    That’s my opinion. I don’t mean to sound negative with you guys wanting to play a different game. I just think we should stay in PB2. At least until after this war is over.

      1. It must be minecraft! I went to my old server and they reset the end (where I live) so now I literally have nothing, I spawned at my home which doesn’t exist anymore so I fell to my death so I don’t even have what I was carrying at the time.

        Oh and will FG get cheats/creative mode enabled on the server?

  5. I vote SAS to be GSA new main game. Yes it wouldn’t be the greatest choice but if you are considering Minecraft to be it’s new game, then consider SAS. Or if you don’t , stick with PB2!! 😀

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