Organized PB2 Attacks

Since GSA has a lack of things to do on PB2, I think we should start attacking random civilian bases like I have all along.  It’s good practice for base raiding.  We need to sharpen our skills for that, since we haven’t done any beautiful base raids since the days of EKAT!


34 thoughts on “Organized PB2 Attacks

  1. Right, because there’s NOT A FREAKING LAW AGAINST THAT.
    Seriously Aj, LET IT THE FREAK GO.

  2. Ajbenius, it’s unwise to attack civillian bases. Why we make our own bases and then we can practice with our members and not use civillians. How about a raiding training program which could be useful to help our members.

    1. Nobody wants to do anything as organized as that. They say they do, but they don’t. So this is the simplest and most effective way. Plus, members usually go soft on each other.

      1. So we can’t organize raiding ourselves but want to organize raiding others? Logic just went out the window.

      2. Well, we don’t want to bring more beef into our clans. This is hows insurrection happens. This is an act of a savage would want to do. And though, only gather the ones who seem particpated with doing these practices.

        This idea of Organized PB2 attacks is really stupid.

    2. I agree with the practice raiding. Not on civilians, but on organized training bases like you said. Also Nick made a post about standing up for the common player. Well there are sometimes bases with a hostile “god” who does nothing but kill everyone. Could we raid those? We wouldn’t have to ping nuke the map but just vote kick the hostile “god”.

      By the way isn’t base raiding one of our strong points? I mean we distinguished ourselves by base raiding during the EKAT war, right?

      1. We actually raided whereas they pingnuked. But eventually we took the gloves off and “raiding” turned into just ping nuking.

  3. hey i know aj how about we do it “without our superior’s prior knowledge” or just do it not as GSA but just for fun. No law against doing things against GSA’s laws not in GSA

    1. You’re GSA. You’re held accountable for EVERYTHING you do, whether you do it “as a GSA” or not. You are GSA, thus everything you do is “as a GSA”.

        1. Then why do you stay if you hate it here so much. You can make bases. You can train. It’s not my fault you don’t take initiative to do what you want.

    2. Jeep as long as they are not using their GSA account, GSA won’t have to worry about it… And the heavy majority of guests already attack everyone, so it’s not like anyone is going to see a guest killing people and randomly say that it is GSA.

      1. It doesn’t matter what name they do it under.

        Lets say I change my name and have surgery to change my face, and I go out and kill someone. Then I undo it all so I’m myself again. Should I not be punished for murder?

      2. PB2 and real life are different things. In real life they would probably still find out who did it. In PB2 most people would probably not figure out.

  4. GSA raiding civilian bases is a very stupid idea. (No offence.)
    You’re going to ruin your ‘reputation’, and therefore stand out in the PB2 community as an ‘evil clan’ killing ‘innocents’.
    Most kids I’ve met hate the GSA just because they kept being killed by GSAs, and fake GSAs.

    1. EXACTLY *AHEM* abjenus….. *clears throat* im all good now! I know you thoght I was choking or someth- *chokes*………*EVERYONE SCREAMS*………*coughs* im OK GUYS I JUST ALMOST DIED BUT IM OK. YOU HAVE N-*chokes and finally dies* YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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