In the meeting on Wednesday we discussed games to move into, and after reviewing multiple games, such as Spiral Knights, Red Crucible 2, DCuo, CW, etc., we have come to a conclusion.

We will be moving our main base of gaming to minecraft!

I realize that Minecraft costs money and if we did not know a way around the money problem then we would have never decided on minecraft.

There is a way to acquire Minecraft called getting a “cracked version” of minecraft, which is essentially the full version of minecraft but you can’t join non-cracked servers because you haven’t payed for a minecraft account.

The idea is for me to create a Minecraft server, just like the NeonCraft server that I created many years ago, which many GSA members played on. This server however, will be a server for the GSA. If I  succeed in creation of this server then we can all play minecraft for free (or if you already payed for a version.) Just like the NeonCraft server, only GSA will be officially invited, but if other clans decide that they want to challenge us on minecraft, we can set up a faction system so we can combat each other. Last time the GSA played on a minecraft server, it was a lot of fun, and I think I can safely say the same thing about this one.

For now, I have a cracked version for minecraft that has been tested to not contain any viruses or malware:




30 thoughts on “Minecraft

    1. It required a meeting in another chat (with all the “important” people on all at once) to do what GSA could have done using wordpress and votes.

      *claps* bravo, bravo.

    1. The cake is a lie.

      (I’m going to start doing this every time I notice you edit your posts\comments for any reason other than spelling corrections)

    1. well, if you dont want to stel a game then play SK or Red Crucible 2. you dont have to play minecraft

    2. Stealing a game? Sure, I mojang deserves money and credit for what made, but when a game hits the point that people decide to pirate it, you can bet they have already acquired enough money.

  1. Why did we need to discuss this in the chat when we could have voted. A lot of people can’t get on the chat, especially right now with finals coming up. I propose we take a real vote, right here on the site so everyone gets a say. Plus….Minecraft….really?

  2. eagle back in the days of legends….. we didn’t have a voting system because we were clans not kingdoms or countries. Our leader made decisions but we could ask to do stuff as a clan and we all did our own thing at times. We in a way were a family, not a country. We supported our leaders decisons because we had respect for him. And he was our Leader. We had true loyalty back then in Legends. It is something I would like to see gsa do.

    1. Yeah were like that except we allow voting because that means that GSA members can join and be part of the community without being shunned. In your community, the weight of the words of each member are distorted instead of equal.

  3. I have some advice for you guys:

    1. If you have a problem, say it instead of posting a comment with a bunch of periods or something like devets did. no offense.

    2. There was a much larger purpose to the meeting but it was canceled so thats why we didn’t really have a vote on the site.

      1. And you could have still used voting for moving GSA’s hq, which would have allowed you to get to the other stuff on the agenda, making that meeting more productive.

    1. Effective: while people were waiting for you to arrive, they could have voted on where GSA would move to, while the meeting does something else. Getting two birds with two stones instead of the one bird with one stone.

  4. nick little offtopic here but you need to know.
    So did some research and the name boa is not copyrighted. if you wanted to you can take the name for yourself by copyrighting the name. thus boa will legally have to change their name. cyclix has yet to copyright their name as well.

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