Upper Heaven

Upper Heaven is a small clan created by Jason to rebel against the GSA, and was under intense investigation through our new Intel Agency. Pzk M, the director of the intel agency, found that the clan consisted of a handful of random players and a couple of GSA members, and that  Jason created the clan to oppose the GSA and rebel against it’s government Now, instead of mainly trying to recruit GSA members to create rebellion in the GSA ranks, he has decided to leave the GSA and use Upper Heaven as an enemy clan to the GSA. If you are a member of this clan, then please leave Upper Heaven immediately. I do not know why Jason would create a clan to try and harm his creation, and I was going to discuss giving him a higher rank in the upcoming founders meeting, but by taking this action he has proven himself unworthy of redemption for the time being.



36 thoughts on “Upper Heaven

  1. Are they a threat to other clans as well or just GSA? I was wondering if BOA should step in and help you guys or stay back. I just need a confirmation of this situation. It might not be a big threat, but, we’ll see. Just ask for help if/when you need it.

    1. fien Urk. Leave GSA to die. So what if how they run things is questionable? They are a fellow major clan, and to preserve peace between us and in all clans, we have to help them. I’ve heard rumors that a certain person is running the revolt. Something is going to happen, Urk. And that something is big. So if you don’t want to help, that’s fine, but I want to protect a clan that if they get destroyed, so will we. Nickman here has a powerful army and has a lot of protection for GSA, and same for us, but this revolt may destroy all the major clans, not just GSA and BOA. I’ve heard things, man, and those things aren’t good. I say we do something about this before it comes back and bites us in the ass. I say we answer the Call to Adventure, before it does something bad to us.

    2. BOA and GSA are on an isolation basis, therefore even if they wished to help they couldn’t. Plus we have everything under control.

  2. Lol, for the time being? Wow after 2013, you let him back in and then even considered giving him a higher rank…. than after you found this out, you won’t give him that rank….for the time being….. with all do respect sir, have you not learned anything? Jason, who you yourself confirmed is trying to destroy GSA and you still consider giving him a rank in GSA? For plotting the destruction of GSA he should never even be considered being let back in…..

    1. I don’t know why, maybe you guys consecutively misread it, but I said he is unworthy of redemption for the time being, not that he can redeem himself or something.

  3. Obviously you have a hard time getting it through your head that you are NOT to comment on our site. And UKV, I love how you all of a sudden started actually thinking that GSA is is not a democracy and that the BOA government, if you can even call it a government, is superior and morally higher than our democratic ideals. To put it simply, we are America you are China. GSA created the foundations for all major clans on PB2. Including BOA. And if you deny that then your god complex has seriously reached a new level. Refrain from commenting and insulting us on our own site. Thank you.

      1. Are you draft? What part of our isolation agreement do you not understand? Unless you wanna just do away with the whole agreement, is that what you want? Cause judging from your actions its safe to assume that you do.

        1. Cyclix? To be honest, Cyclix isn’t even a legitimate clan. And when you speak, regardless of what clan you suspect your representing, your views and ideals do not change. So you can’t just say one thing as a Cyclix and completely change your views as a BOA, in politics that’s referred to as being a flip-flopper and a hypocrite. Bye, don’t comment on my site again.

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