I lost



32 thoughts on “I lost

    1. May I ask why you two are on our site? And if you’re trying to talk smack, why is it only two of you? XD

  1. Losing isn’t the end of the world.

    “It takes more strength to walk away from a battle than it takes to get into one.”

    1. Uhhuh. How exactly am I a coward? Didn’t your parents ever tell you to not insult people for no reason? Now get off my site before I decide to delete your comments and track your IP. I’ve had enough of your talk.

        1. If we’re warring later why 1vs1 now? I honestly just don’t care enough. Don’t blame other people for things you do.

        2. You also can’t judge our fighting skills without seeing them. That’s like me saying you failed a test without even looking at what you answered. Are you done trying to bait me?

        3. Did you really need to triple post that? Now you’re spamming my site and I have a legitimate reason to delete your comments.

        4. Is that all you think of? Calling people names is the worst way to get a “friendly competition” as you called it.

        5. …. Well now where’s the point in that? We’re going to fight and never tell anyone who won?

        6. … You realize, insulting and bragging only makes people want to fight you less, right?

        7. Sometimes, if they get angry easily ect. But to me it just makes it worse. It makes it seem like you just want attention.

    2. Lol, i love how savvy thinks hes so much better than us. Should we duel him, or let him keep his little ego?

  2. hey savvyw You sound like a dumbass out for blood with your comments(btw yolo be dead). PB2 is a nearly dead game being top in it isn’t good anymore, hardly any of the old pros play, no point in playing it. Do some real gaming and play battlefield halo cod something like that. Hell there are new systems called a xbox 1 and a ps4 heard of them yet? No? Then go buy 1 and play a real game. Quit with your flash games. I say this to everyone who plays pb2 go play a real game.

    1. so you want to play a 2d side scroller all the time instead of doing real gaming? Let me drop you a clue these “clans” aren’t really all that good. Check out dhg and some other top clans. Cyclix gsa boa lethal and other clans that play pb2 pale in comparasion. If you tried to war them in a real gaming experience you would lose. Badly. PB2 is just a shitty 2d sidescroller. Try titanfall,GTA or some other game don’t stick to pb2 you are going to be reduced to ashes by playing that shitty game all the time.
      and if console isn’t your thing try planet explorers or ESO something like that i’m not into pc gaming but i have a friend who is.

    2. making a point the only cod game i acctually own is mw2 and its scratched to hell so no i do not play cod i’m mostly a halo person but i do gta and battlefield but yeah making a point. Because guess what some people acctually like cod idk why but yeah. Get halo 3 and the dlcs then play online you won’t be dissapointed.

  3. I like how Savvy said he came here to talk about war and before he wasn’t .__.

  4. Oh shit a fite is breaking out. This is a job for….. AKWAHMAN!
    Pzk: Quick Akwahman! Fix the situation!
    Akwahman: No, fuck you Pzk, GSA can handle its own problems!
    Pzk: Go fuck yourself Akwahman!
    Akwahman: FITE ME!
    Oh no! The situation only got worse! Now Akwahman is in the fite!

  5. Me? I play halo battlefield GTA5 not some 2d sidescroller. The only reason why i played pb2 in the first place is because i didn’t have xbox live at the time. I’ve had xbox live for about 2 years now. My gamertag is Darkness1049 look me up sometime. Pb2 is a game but its a 2d flash game whose community is dieing. Hardly counts as a real game. Myself i have a account on DHG. So i do know what i’m talking bout kaos. Your clan Lethal will only be good once you’ve dropped pb2 and moved onto a better game. Want to become a good clan? Don’t play pb2 or anything thats a flash game.
    I am in a GTA online crew. West Side RoadRunners. You could take Lethal and turn it into a crew on GTA. Just a suggestion… Easily get over 1000 members. Then you’d have something to acctually brag about.

    1. Why would i put effort? Doing this just gives you more shit to hate. Fuels the flame of trolls and makes you look more stupid keep it coming with these comments. Eventually you’ll leave and get bored and if you don’t, you just simply are stupid. So i ask again keep going.

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