Red Crucible 2

I know many of us play it already, but it’s a good game to colonize, due to first person online multiplayer,  and the fact that there are Helicopters, Tanks, Light Tanks, Trucks, and Jeeps, if I’m not mistaken,  jungle warfare, desert warfare, urban warfare, all kinds of stuff in Red Crucible 2.

We need someone to lead it though,  if anyone wants to, comment below. 1620-2-Red-Crucible Red-Crucible-2_2 red_crucible_3 Screenshot_2014-05-06-20-39-31

[Jonb7: I call drivers seat on the jets!]



18 thoughts on “Red Crucible 2

  1. So, anyone up for grabs as leader? I can’t because I’ll only be able to go on a computer for an hour a day, and can’t do much, only on sites and chats with my tablet, also we could bring back the air force to gsa because of this guys, and yes, to people who haven’t played this before, you should, I played the older version but it was still cool

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