Promotion Session

Mandatory Promotion Review Session for Generals+ at 5/6/14.

Please post all members that you wish to promote.



65 thoughts on “Promotion Session

  1. Lethal? As in a cheap excuse of a name for trying to sound baddass because that’s extremely frightening? K bai nub

  2. So i would like to address cyclix boa and lethal here. If your so pro then why fight gsa???
    You always call yourself pro yet you haven’t proven it. You’ve always try to fight people YOU KNOW are weaker then you. Why though? Is it that your scared of losing to good clan? Is it that you don’t want you war record destroyed? Why not have cyclix fight boa or lethal. Boa fought led and cyclix fought led, but led was a noob clan, worse then gsa. Everyone see a pattern with these guys?
    They fight people that are weak or look weak. Trying to prove your badass by fighting gsa isn’t going to cut it.

    1. So once again i would like to point out that you started talking aboutgsa, when i’m talking about your asses. You are avoiding my questions. Deliberately.
      Thats not going to look good when i post this whole thing on the pb2 community. Infront of everyone. You will look very bad as there isn’t anything in gsa to fight as they don’t play pb2 at all.
      You answered 1 of my questions your bored. I get that so try to do something fun with your clan.
      oh you thought perhaps all my questions are rethorical? answer each one for the community.

  3. oh and if you couldn’t tell i’m not gsa nor cyclix nor boa nor lethal nor any other stupid clan thats why you have seen me in diffrent places. i’m a freelancer if you will. Trust trying to show how stupid your clans are and lethal well its the most stupid of the bunch if cyclix was smart they would’ve offed you by now. cyclix is the second. Boa well its alright i already did my scoop on boa and cyclix long ago. But i haven’t done anything on lethal yet, btw nice inactive site that you guys got.

  4. but out of all the stuff we have been trying to say, you just don’t get it there is a reason why your winning in these matches gsa hardly play pb2 so they are going to be painfully average because who would want to play pb2 as a main game now. I don’t.You want to take down a clan that hardly plays pb2 or something like cyclix who is full of pros and would destroy your ass in a war. In pb2 that is. Fighting average players ain’t going to make you better, its going to make you worse.

  5. i did read your comment. I get comments on this sent to my email and i do read them.
    Infact i also get emails sent to me from cyclix and boa, anything that they post be it private or not i will get a email of it. What will fighting your allies do? Make your group stronger. Do actual training exercises first person to 200 kills in a match wins. Thats how you train. They won’t remove it because its where they used to be its like their home away from home or rather used to be. Infact if you don’t like it (btw it doesn’t bother me so it shouldn’t bother you) You don’t have to come here they ain’t going to be assholes on their site to you. You gotta stop thinking that they do shit like that when they won’t, they don’t, they ain’t cyclix, who acctually does that.

  6. You want to make your group stronger? Fight actual clans worthy of a fight otherwise your just going to look like a dick. thats why i’m telling you to fight against Cyclix and Boa even if it is a fake fight. No one cares how well you do against random guests or GSA. No one is going to want to join a clan that just fights noobs all the time. People will want a true fight experience. Do you get me now that I had to dumb down my explanation? If not, I can dumb it down further for you.

    1. yes they are and yes it will why wouldn’t you go full force are you retarded thats what wars are idiot you go full force. How are you going to improve if you don’t fight really good players? 200 kills it doesn’t take that long i used to do it all the damn time its how legends the original boz members and others became good. Here is your dumbed down version starting now. GSA= bad players no experince. Cyclix/boa/other clans= good experince possibilty to get stronger. Fighting noobs all day isn’t going to do shit for you. If i really wanted to comeback to pb2 and i might in due time, this is how i would war first to 200 kills wins. No camping no auto firing no mods ergw eric gurt railwars self boosting is allowed rushing is allowed. And if you don’t agree to these terms then it would be a auto victory for me. How do you like pro rules?

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