Now that I have changed my password, shall I be granted adminship again?


Imma Banana



38 thoughts on “Adminship

  1. Well at least you invented a new name. ^_^ Now “Lethal” can go do the only thing they’re capable of, go kill bunnies.

  2. I apologize, but who are you?
    And another question: What the hell is Lethal?
    No I’m not done I have one more. Girl Scouts of America? For fuck sakes Savvy, we sell the best fucking cookies ever. Why don’t you go kill yourself if you hate our cookies. >:C

  3. Personally, I was oblivious that Lethal existed until you posted the beginning comment to this chain of comment; Nick Is nick, nothing new there; after A-GSA, EKAT, and their satellite clans had that multi-year war with us, we are not as excited to go to yet another war as when we were before A-GSA and EKAT; And who in their right mind enjoys multiple things being latched to their ass.

  4. and asuming guests are inferior is a grave mistake, as I have seen guests solo against 14 people, one of which was a god… and win until they kicked him.

  5. Who said that guest was attacking GSA? And sure I’ll fight you, but I play for fun not compitition so don’t expect me to play like my life depends on it. And as for tIme we can do it when both of us are on, and if any inturuptions happen we can continue the battle the next time both of us are on.

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