At the time, we as a clan seem to be hanging in limbo between games, many of us play Grepolis, some CW, some plazma burst, some Minecraft, the others, I am not so sure about.

We have to set our foot on something and take a stand there as a main game and an opportunity to gain new members.

Let’s come up with some ideas.


Also, Jason is back and he shouldn’t be modded on the chat. He’s been gone from the GSA for almost a year, we don’t know if his intentions are sound and positive, we don’t even know if he is real or not. What I do know is that he has abandoned the GSA for almost a year, has not come in the chat to even talk to its members or pop in for a visit, and he shouldn’t have the power to determine who is a guest and who isn’t. It would be advisable to keep him as a member in the chat.

Also, me and eagle removed Bravo and Jeep from editor since we suspect that one of their accounts is hacked and being used by Satan. We already know that bananas pb2 account was hacked into.



16 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. Well, we could make our stand on Spiral Knights. just give me some time and I’ll have the GSA up in no time. big PvP matches if we’re having wars and stuff. and we can all be Blue as a standard color of the mian character… good thing y’all are showing up after the Mist Energy Removed Update!

  2. My BananaReaper account is compromised. I’ve made a new one.
    I will confirm this on chat.

    1. Regardless of who’s account is hacked, keep BananaReaper off of adminship until this is all over.

  3. there isn’t really any other good pvp shooting game apart form xbox and ps3/4 ones. contract wars in okay but you can’t have private matches. And GSA is dead in grepolis, they were taking into a new alliance.

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