Condition of War

So, I haven’t been able to get a clear reason out of anybody on why we are at war with Cyclix. All I know is that most of us don’t even play plazma burst 2 as a regular game, therefore, what is the point?

What I do think happened is that Urkillerv convinced Cyclix to attack the GSA, since he decided that BOA should attack the GSA, but most of BOA disagreed and he was disallowed from doing this.

No idea though. I was gone at the time. Pretty funny isn’t it.



42 thoughts on “Condition of War

  1. Neither clan doesn’t admit defeat. That’s what pretty much abased.

  2. Urk, no… just no -_-
    Its annoying how your so biased that you make all these BS storys XD
    Also, were the dictators? If that logic is correct, you have something in common with us 😀

  3. Heres a mindfreak:

    If Cyclix wins the war by fighting random GSA members and beating them (half of these members I don’t even know), then by their definition the victor clan is the clan that has the best player in it.

    Note I didn’t say players, I said player.

    Yes that’s right, if we had Vikon in our clan, we could parade around with Cyclix’s heads on sticks screaming victory.

    War doesn’t work in plazma burst 2, not any more.

    1. Besides, a true lion does not have to roar to convince others that he is indeed, a lion.

      If Cyclix has won, then why do they care enough to come on the GSA site and whine about it?

      Ill say it again, war doesn’t work in plazma burst 2, not any more.

    2. It just is… it’s top on too many games Eternal. something that Cyclix just doesn’t have. if anything you need expansion.

    3. We can call our clan the top clan because it is the top clan. We have been on PB2 since the beginning unlike you and you puppet clan.

    4. Vikon farms in maps when I show up he leaves, He just found a way of cheating his way on the top100 thats all the only person that was a true was LegendaryHero and BlackOperator the rest farmer to the death.

    5. It isn’t the top clan. Do you guys even consider the criteria on how to know if a clan is good or not? This clan is only good in population. And having Vikon here is total bullcrap. You can’t expect a pro to fight beside you for no good reason. He isn’t the the pro-est. He’s just the recent top player. How can you say that this clan is in the top? Don’t just say “because it is” because it isn’t

  4. I’m sorry, when did the PB2 community appoint Assassins and Cyvlix as there police force? Even if we were a dictatorship why the hell would they care? And if anybody is a dictator here it would be you and your little HRs. I don’t fancy a bunch of people that aren’t even GSA who think they can just get on our site and say what they want and expect us to look like the bad guys. This is our site, we will do and say as we please. If it upsets you or any of your cronies please refrain from even visiting the site. Its that simple. Cyvlix and Assassins shouldn’t even be considered real clans anyways. Seeing as there just puppets to the BOA “government”

    1. Oh but for the first question that i didnt answer (pls forgive my manners , i thouth you could read mah name) -> Im just a random ass nicker

    2. I didn answer the second question thouth lol , cant you read ? Cmon try it again bud im sure you can handle it , it’s just one phrase.

    3. Even if it is your site, you still have no right to insult other clans. It’s like you’re insulting a person inside you’re home which they can hear. And yes, yes you are the bad guys. The moment this clan was created, your mouths couldn’t keep shut on how great you are. You are only great in population.

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