Sorry for the long wait, but I have finally managed to update some of the more pressing site pages.


Diplomacy Page: New allies have been added, and old allies who have since gone inactive removed.

Members and Ranks (2.0): For the most part all active GSA members have been added. More to come as we sort out some issues.

Executive Branch Page: Past 3 president and the current one with their respective Vp’s have been added.

Legislative Branch Page: Removed

Conditional/DEFCON status: I have reverted the GSA “conditions” back to the former glory of our old DEFCON system.

GSA Colony Page: Updated the members counts and status  for most of our colonies.

GSA Divisions: Disbanded the National Guard divisions and the 617th Medical division due to the lack of activity.

If you believe anymore pages are in need of updating, or you believe that you need your name put down on the Members and Ranks, please leave a comment below and we will fix the issue accordingly.




18 thoughts on “Updates

      1. Eagle, this is unrelated, but are you online? If so come on the chat, weve got a bit of a… situation.
        On topic, glad to see were keeping orgasmized XD

      2. Nick allows? What’s that supposed to mean? Nick doesn’t have the authority to overturn a democracy decision.

        1. ._. What democracy decision? There is no need for a vote. Supremes don’t need votes to pass something unless someone contests it.

        2. Nick made a law that you need more authority to overturn something. If a vote brought the change in, a Supreme can’t change it back

        3. …He shouldn’t even have been a supreme. Plus the change was illegal seeing as he did not post it on the site.

        4. He did post it. And it doesn’t matter whether or not you THINK he should or shouldn’t have been a Supreme, he was. That’s all that matters.

        5. He did NOT post it. In fact Nick gave him a warning that if he did such a thing again, consequences would follow.

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