Two Promotion Maps Completed, Ready For Use

The Recruit to Private and Private to Corporal Promotion Maps are ready for use. Their map IDs are as follows:

  • gsapromo-rec_to_pvt
  • gsapromo-pvt_to_cpl

These two maps are fairly basic, considering the associated ranks are rather low. They cover the following skills:

  • Sword Climbing ( not self boost )
  • Sliding
  • Wall Jump
  • Descending
  • Jumping
  • Ladder Climbing
  • Swimming ( acid dodging )
  • Obstacle Passing

The latter is more difficult than the former.

For the next two maps, I plan to cover skills such as self boost ( low physics with swords ), flying ( high physics without swords ), enemy fighting ( computer controlled ), grenade, teleport grenade, shield grenade usage. To sum up, I hope to cover the most important multiplayers skills used everyday. If you have any suggestions please comment below.

The code at the end will be saved on a password protected page, I’ll get nick to set that up, in the mean time, please use a screenshot as your proof.

As a spin off, these promotion maps could be used as a place for Ads. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to advertise Tim Horton’s coffee or Ford cars. I’m going to ‘advertise’ people in GSA. Members who want to get some reputation can ask me to put their names in the maps either in the form of background or text. Hehehe Isn’t this a great idea?




12 thoughts on “Two Promotion Maps Completed, Ready For Use

    1. Bravo, you have apparently never been in a gunfight in the err_arr lake XP.
      (Intense bullet dodging.)

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