Small but pressing matters

Firstly, I would like to apologize to the GSA populace for my recent bout of inactivity on the site.  The closing of the school year is close, and school has been hectic the past few weeks. I am still here and monitoring on the sidelines.

OK on to the important stuff:

Concerning the site, I am in the process of putting pending updates to certain pages and sections to the site. These include but are not limited to, Members and Rank, Diplomacy page, Divisions page, etc. Please be patient while these are being finalized and completed.


We have allowed a large handful of new authors on the site. I just want reiterate on my previous posts on site organization. Please use my proposed Post Regulations which can be found on the site. This will ensure that our site is organized and efficient. I also want to put out that not all random PB2 matches have to be documented on the site, try and reserve such spots for large battles, base raids or organized matches.

Members and Ranks

Some may have noticed that I have put in place a new Members and ranks page labeled, Members and Ranks (2.0). This is in no way trying to replace the original page but instead records our more active members who partake on the site and on the chat.

There was more, but I forgot it cause I fell asleep writing this. Anyways, I have a new chat law I would like to put up. But I’ll finalize that on a separate post.



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