New Law Vote

Members in this clan are part of the Galactic Security Clan, lets stand up for the common player and not raid civilian bases who are not a threat to us in any way. Let’s not spread any sort of negative reputation around in plazma burst 2 by raiding bases and slaughtering other players. *cough cough Aj cough*

New Law: It is illegal to raid non-hostile bases in any game.

If the base is under the control of a dangerous player who endangers other players or is an enemy base, then the base is obviously not non-hostile, and is therefore a hostile base.



16 thoughts on “New Law Vote

  1. I TOLD aj that his senseless violence would have repercussions but NOOOOOOO Jeep and I’s Opinions don’t MATTER! Well, at least I don’t have to suggest it to you Nick. If it’s a real vote I vote +!

  2. B/c i can do that as Im coming back. Sheep’s a douche and Ghostehz’s an idiot. So I’m OBVIOUSLY not done here…

  3. + This results more hatred towards the GSA. So yeah we gotta make the non-hostile raids illegal.

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