Intelligence/Counter Intelligence Division

The original reason that I banned spying in this clan was because of the harsh repercussions of spying. Back in the day when somebody talked about spying, large amounts of people would start leaving the GSA to “spy” on enemy clans. The normal GSA members weren’t told of this and actually thought that the members were leaving the GSA for real. The loss of many major members of the GSA to spying ruined a lot of morale, and the actual spying was fruitless. I have decided already that if we had another method of doing this then it would be more effective and plausible.

Though not exactly spying, I want to create a Counter-Intelligence/Intelligence Agency, this agency will be involved in rooting out enemy spies in our own clan, as well as gathering intelligence on enemy movements.

Pzk M. has many many connections around the world of plazma burst 2, and his superior knowledge of events, shown in the past, makes him ideal for the job.

Congratulations Colonel Pzk M. you are head of the Counter-Intelligence/Intelligence Agency.


On this post we can iron out details about this on this post.



P.S.: Sorry it took me so long to develop this Pzk, I was sidetracked and forgot a lot about this.

[Banana]: Fruitless. hehehehe

[Eagle613]: This isn’t a rank is it? I propose we establish it as a division. Pzk will be at the head of it, and will hand pick trustworthy members. Also we don’t want to keep the members count too high, so there should be a set quota. Pzk can make a site, only known to the members of the said division and the FG. Sound good?


34 thoughts on “Intelligence/Counter Intelligence Division

  1. Yes, alex you may join. And don’t worry kitteh, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Thank you Nick for making me head of this, and if I had any mangoes to spare I would hand them out to everyone to show my gratitude. I don’t have any mangoes though, so sorry for the buzzkill.

    1. Unless you are adept in magic like I am, I doubt you have any Tricks up your sleeve (D) what kind of tricks? card tricks? Because I have mastered Scorcery, White magic, African American magic, and Pron.

      1. You’ve mastered Voodoo magics? that’s hard to believe. me? I have mastered the power of Electromancy and Pyromancy. In normal person that’s Force Lightning and and setting things on fire by pointing at it.

        1. Whats voodoo magic? I just mastered white magic, african american magic, and pron magic. >.> silly goose. And isn’t force lightning just… dark force, not ‘electromancy’. And any normal person can set something on fire, its called pooring kerosine everywhere and nonchalantly tossing a lighter. (D)

  2. Totally off-topic, but here it goes (I had no idea where to post this, by the way):

    I’m temporarily resigning from GSA because I have way too many things going on right now.

  3. Man. This spying business brings back memories. I remember one time Banana (I think it was Banana) and I went to the EKAT chat during that war. And Banana forgot to take his GSA tags off, it was hilarious… didn’t get anything but a few good laughs from the EKATs but it was worth it! ^_^

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