Promotion System Vote


All members with military authority from the ranks Brigadier General or Higher, (This mean Vice President, President, Marshall, FG members, etc.) have the ability to promote a  member of the GSA from the ranks Lieutenant or Higher, if the member performs exceptionally or goes above and beyond the call of duty. These promotions can be made at any time, however if a high ranking member abuses this power to promote a member very quickly and without reason, then we will investigate it.

A post will be made every 2 weeks for officers to consider and review members of the rank category, and on this post the officers will post members that they will promote. These members, if listed, are promoted.

For the Promotion of  Ranks Recruit to Lieutenant this will apply:

Recruit: Promoted to Private if he/she passes the Recruit Map Test for Recruits, and recruits 1 member to the GSA.

Private: Promoted to Corporal if he/she passes the Private Map Test for Privates, and recruits 1 member to the GSA.

Corporal: Promoted to Sergeant if he/she passes the Private Map Test for Corporals, and recruits 1 member to the GSA.

Sergeant: Promoted to Lieutenant if he/she passes the Private Map Test for Sergeants, and recruits 1 member to the GSA.

For each of the above ranks, there will be a period of 1 week in which the member has to wait until he/she can pass the next map/test, that way somebody can’t speedily elevate their rank.

The Map Tests will become harder and harder of course, testing the member. The main reason for these map tests is because high ranked members cant focus on all of our members, (we have heck of a lot of members to focus on.) Therefore completing these tests will be satisfactory.

Vote + to install this new system.

Vote – to keep using the same system.

So far everybody agreed with this concept, so I am putting it to a vote as the old promotion system was put to a vote so I cannot legally undo it.

If you have any concerns please read the original post on the promotion system because it has many more details!



26 thoughts on “Promotion System Vote

      1. Nick, I hope I’m not asking too much, but can you add one more rank to the promotion map series? I’m talking about the Cpt. rank. Currently I have to make 4 maps: Rec. to Pvt., Pvt. to Cpl., Cpl. to Sgt., Sgt. to Lt.

        I already made two maps. Now, I only have two maps left to make, but I want to make sure they cover all ( or pretty much all ) the skills involved in multiplayer. I am asking for your permission to make one extra map: Lt. to Cpt. Since I believe 5 maps make a series, 4 maps is a bit less.

  1. + but i have a question, will the maps be fighting maps like 1v1s? or will they be like a training course with selfboosting etc etc, that we have to make it to the end to win and get promoted?


  2. I like this new system, its now easier for people to move up the ranks (Especially Recruits)

    The thing that seems wrong to me is the limits on ranks. It sucks that people are held back due to the limit of people that can be in that one rank. All I’m asking is give some a chance to move up the ranks by increasing the limit.

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