Cyclix should shut up and go cyclying

I happened to have paid a visit to our fellow cyclists ( who probably don’t know how to ride a bike ) today, and discovered a couple of interesting posts on their site. Ever since EKAT died, there hasn’t been anything to laugh at anymore, I would like to express gratitude towards them for their mediocre comedy. The reason I say mediocre is that EKAT actually did better than them when it comes to jokes.

Speaking of EKAT, I see that a few ex-EKATs are amongst them, possibly forgetting all about their former leader and her terrible defeat? Well, of course! EKAT was nothing, right? It didn’t have as much members as Cyclix does, since EKAT had about 60, Cyclix  currently has 34, and 60<34 ( this is very advanced mathematics here ). Nor was EKAT bad enough, they actually wanted to keep their dignity, although they always failed. Cyclix definitely will surpass them I have no doubt.

I would like to congratulate the cyclists on defeating a poor FGSA named Shawn Burn ( read here ), who’s not on the GSA member list nor did a very good job at facing two enemies at the same time. 10-0 is an impressive score, I really should have done better.

5 kills in a row

I would dearly love to invite the cyclist leader to a base of mine for a cup of tea, I already had the honor of getting EKAT leader Miranda to come…

Have a great Easter everyone, by the way, I got the cyclists to deliver some easter eggs to some of my friend, they charge very little, just give them enough money to buy some food and they’ll go on cycling… Ok whatever that sounds weird. xD


 [Banana]: Shawn Burn isn’t an FGSA. Learn your facts before you insult fellow members.

[Alexwang32]: I did learn my facts. But it seems that the facts were missing/misleading. Shawn Burn is never seen on the chat ( at least I haven’t ), nor is he on the member lists. Besides, I wasn’t actually insulting him, I was insulting Cyclix since they fought him 2 vs 1, and bragged of their victory.


20 thoughts on “Cyclix should shut up and go cyclying

  1. How am I a fake?!? I know I lost badly and I shamed GSA and the TF99 but is that any reason to call me a fake? “Who’s not on the GSA member list”, did you even read that list?! I am on it. Look under Lieutenants I am the first listed. Yea someone misspelled my name as Shaw instead of Shawn. But I am on it!

    Do you enjoy making fun of your fellow members when they lose? From the looks of it I’m not the only one who lost to Cyclix. When I accepted their challenge I knew I would probably lose. But I got tired of seeing the comments where they say we are too scared to fight them. So I fought with them, to at least show that we are not afraid to fight them. And then when I lose my fellow members are making fun of me and worse, calling me a fake. Why?

      1. Agreed. And I encourage you to try again. I lost to Miranda at least 4 times before finally beating her. She posted it on the EKAT site so it was all worth it.

      1. It’s ok Alex I understand now, it was just a simple mistake. I just didn’t want everyone believing I was a fake. I will try again sometime. Although I should get in some practice first, this was the first real match I had in a month or so. Being busy it’s hard to be able to do it often. Sheep is right I did challenge the both of them, after they wanted to fight me in a private 1 vs. 1. While I was trying to find a map Id they was thinking I was too scared to fight them, and GSA as a whole too. That was when I said I would fight them both. I just got tired of hearing them say that GSA was too scared to fight them. I wanted to show them that GSA was not afraid to fight. I was going by a concept I learned (the hard way) in school. That is a beating isn’t as bad as cowardice, a beating will be forgotten but cowardice will stick with you forever.

        Thanks for the encouragement Jeep and Alex. And thanks for the apology Alex.

  2. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. EKAT wasn’t a joke, they were dangerous, just not dangerous enough. Don’t underestimate people. And how did EKAT hold onto their dignity? They invented the dirtiest war tactics so far.

    1. Super Fake Club. By the way, I heard that Sheep was ghey. He has a crush on Gay people. Gay. LOL 69 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL sex.

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