A Fun War

I have returned from my trip, and I have seen the condition of the GSA, and I have seen the condition of Cyclix. We seriously outnumber them in Member count, and active on-chat on-site member count, and above all, we have the moral high ground (as usual.) If anything, this occasion is positive for the GSA, a clan whose members have always been entertained by war and strife, whose members who have been trained countless times to defend themselves for the betterment of the GSA, whose members will be invigorated by this conflict, and whose members the conflict will entertain. It will bring out the best in us, and show them what we do best! We are at the most powerful we have ever been ever since the time that I returned, and I can say with full confidence that we are #1!

Now get out there, and give em hell!




66 thoughts on “A Fun War

  1. Nick good I will be on chat in a couple of days when I get back from Auckland and I need to speak to you about some serious stuff that is importantly for your ears only for now.

  2. @LordKaos[Which is spelled wrong for your information,it should be Chaos :l],first off,fix your English because if I was your teacher,you’d be dead in the bottom of lake moronic for that atrocious grammar of yours.Second,as you said it yourself,the top 100 do not matter,so why in the bloody hell are you bragging that we take on your members[who are in that top 100] if it doesn’t matter -___-. Third,you didn’t earn that title,your idiot clan made it up so that you guys looked baddass[which your not since you guys lack a actual history]. Fourth,we’ll take you on,but tell your dogs to stop acting like a bunch of 4 year olds [nay scratch that,3 years old since I’ve seen 4 year olds with better manners than those idiots you call members].

  3. Kaos,hardly anyone knew of your lame clan in the first place,everyone and mostly anyone knew of the GSA.No one feared you anyways because they had nothing to fear,nuking sites,please.That’s child’s play,which is alright for you idiots since your children anyways.And stop bragging you twit,when you say “were almighty and try to even take us on”,that’s bragging,but I guess that’s okay too since your probably still in the third grade,not like you would know what bragging is ;D

    1. Oh please, third graders? I knew GSA was a clan with too many members without a decent brain between them but this is too much. You guys suck. Face it. Kaos would whoop your asses, I know from experiance. I will tell you this honestly, I haven’t met a GAYSA who actually beat me legitimately. The closest thing that ever happened was 4 of your idiotic members and one of me. And I got away with a KD of over 1.5. You guys are the reason PB2 is so fucked up right now. Idiots in the Top 100? Check. Ridiculous teams in deathmatches? Check. You have a member list longer than a Star Destroyer and all it does is overcompensate for your tiny dicks. I don’t care if you edit my comment. I wouldn’t expect anything less from an idiot who thinks that Itami was “unknown”. Itami was famous. And they nuked a fuckton of sites, unlike you. If it’s child’s play explain to me why you haven’t done it. Oh wait, you have “high moral ground”. Suuuuure. You guys are so scummy I wouldn’t let you near me with a ten-foot pole. I’ve met so many GSA’s that go around spamming BNG’s and saying they’re good it’s ridiculous. And then when I go to town on their asses they call my ping of 90 laggy. Let’s face it. GSA isn’t a clan of the “best of PB2”. GSA has a swarm, nay a gargantuan horde of noobs. And no matter how hard you try, 5 noobs are still worse then one good player. You guys say you’re good? All you are is the clan where every noob and his extended family go. You guys accept ANYONE. No KD limits or tests, nooooo. All you have to do to advance ranks is recruit someone. Which explains both your nooby and extremely retarded generals and your massive numbers. Get some tests and fire 99 percent of your members and I might respect the remaining members. “You don’t know what bragging is”? Really. That’s the saddest insult I’ve seen in a while, other than you morons thinking you can do anything against the titanic force that Cyclix will become. Cyclix has potential. GSA is a festering pit of recruits and a few rabble-rousing leaders.

    2. @killerbawss: EKAT had potential, and They died and got resserected into the GSA-friendly Axis. Potential means nothing if you dont reach your potential.

    3. Ahh, but that Is where you are wrong eternal, all clans are one and the same, a multiheaded hydra with a single torso, as such we are all interconnected, and the fate of one clan directly or indirectly influences the fate of the others.

  4. Stop being a noob and talking then.Just do it.Were on,and we don’t have to go on when you feel we should,we go on when we want to because we have lives you know.And I’m positive your from the third grade due to your unethical approach of repeating basically the same crap you’ve said before and because you have not taken any note or consideration for such a faulty and down right simple mistake.

    1. The past means nothing to men,what matters is the present.Also,if you are older,what are you doing playing games for >_<,Why don't YOU grow up,like mentally.Not to mention that you do repeat the same crap,but your such a idiotic moron that your simple and obsolete brain cells can not process it,must have been caused by your degenerative parents,but that's their fault.And I know I could beat you,but my life comes first,so why don't you go back to your basement and play W.O.W. like a good little nerd. :p

  5. Lol I love a good joke once in a while ,Cyclix vs HU.
    Were an invisible force until we strike,we in every clan you can think of.
    Be warned.
    United as one. Divided by Zero. Expect us.
    And besides,this community needs some action in it tbh 😀 ❤

  6. How about this. All Cyclix members, you can get your collective asses off our sites, because if wars were determined by individual member skill then why have the GSA strived, grown, and prospered in every single war to date. All of our enemies have tried, and all have failed. What makes you feel so special? Other clans have compensated for their tiny amounts of power by boasting about prowess and skill in Plazma Burst 2. Other clans have boasted about victorious 1v1s against the GSA, and they have all failed in their “warring” of the GSA, and all have died so far. IF you have not noticed already, the GSA do not play plazma burst 2 primarily any more! Personally I have not played Plazma Burst 2 in more then two months! So you can go ahead and boast about beating individual GSA, heck if I were to go after many Cyclix members in my prime, I have no doubt that many would lose, just how many of our members are losing in 1v1s against Cyclix. But you can overcompensate all you want, you can cite all of your victories all that you choose. What do I see in the GSA? Not a blemish, not a scratch.

    History has shown that clans like your clan, boasting about your skillfulness in duels and battles, always fail to defeat the GSA, and they end up crumbling themselves.

    I assume that a lot of the reason why there aren’t ever a strong concentration of professional members in the GSA is a lot because of the superiority complex that professional players assume. They think themselves so powerful and amazing compared to others that they join clans with cool names to show off to other players. Meanwhile, the GSA doesn’t have anything fancy or professional about it, we just want to maintain a fun clan who accepts any players in any fashion.

    I used to be quite the professional plazma burst 2 player, but in the end I have stuck with the GSA, despite all those who call me a “noob” primarily based on my clan tag, despite me being an almost undefeated player in 1v1s. I joined BOA after more then a years service to the GSA, and I was regarded as a “pro” there.

    I wouldn’t expect most of you Cyclix members to understand, older players like Cirano, Stryde, Nexir, Punisher, Da King, etc etc etc, would have some respect for my playing ability because of their own experience and our relationship, but then again, almost all of you are the top rollers now. I was kicking ass back in the day, and its pretty obvious that my record is extremely perishable with all of you new players, my skills are perishable too. It’s the same thing as respecting your elders.

    This comment got hella off topic. I don’t know what I am even talking about anymore.

    1. Nickman im tired of your fucking complaining posts and please if u ever want to 1v1 me ill kill u easily

    2. Let me address your points:

      -If you desire another form of communication do tell.

      -You obviously didn’t read my original comment, especially the part about how clans can claim that they win by winning duels but all of these clans fail ultimately.

      -From what I’ve heard, clans don’t win wars, they simply die out. There has only been one occasion where a clan has really beaten another, and that was Axis-BOA.

      -Do you do the same to your parents? Or do you respect your parents naturally? Eternal challenged me, and he didn’t respond.

    3. EKAT never won the war -_-,it was basically a cease fire until they died due to Raze’s influence and GSA’s battering of their moral spirits.

    4. – Sure, if you come on the chat while im on.

      – So you are suggesting that Cyclix can do something to hurt the GSA? Please do tell how this may be accomplished.

      – Then you should respect me for my reasons, and ill respect you. Cyclix calling me a noob is uncalled for and unprecedented.

      – From what I know, your right. I need to practice after more then 2 months 🙂

  7. Okay, look here Cyclix, either get your asses off the GSA Site, or I’ve chosen my side in this war. Got it?

      1. He does not follow your orders unless you become a higher rank than him, which should take a while… at the least.

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