Aslang-fightforthebase, Cyclix and Boa, Good news!

Hi guys I had a really good match but I had to go my mom needed my assistance she can’t look  after my little brother for some reason because he is sick and she is not. Anyways this is my score




Message to Cyclix and Boa. I am sorry for what GSA members and for my division member’s action. I did not know that they’ve insulting your clans. If I did something wrong too, I am sorry. I hope we wont became enemies like EKAT just a friendly match I hope.

And the good news is…. I FOUND MY CANDY BAG FROM HALLOWEEN. I didn’t say the good news was for you. Now I am going to search for chocolate inside that bag. BE JEALOUS. Anyways bye.

 [Banana]: GSA did nothing against Cyclix or BOA. It was proven the member provoking BOA was a person posing as Thundrus888.



3 thoughts on “Aslang-fightforthebase, Cyclix and Boa, Good news!

    1. Thanks, I did not know our members was insulting other people since I don’t read posts or be on the chat 24-7 but I saw the picture Sheep [Cyclix] Posted printscreen i’ll say and it was insulting. That’s why I am sorry.

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