I was playing in aslang-fightforthebase last night I just want to thank Shenko, give me unused nickname or log in I forgot your name bro sorry lol and bunnybabe (Yes she is a girl and she is not intersted in you) for a beatiful match last night. One of the best aslang base games I ever had in my life. There is no swearing, or being disrespectful to eachother, no enemies just a friendly match. Red-Cs are awesome (If you talk shit about them, you also talking shit about me just saying)

Keep it up bros




9 thoughts on “ReD-C

  1. Yeah,Red C’s are pretty cool.I wonder if Brian is still in there,I met him a long time ago,but yeah,there pretty cool to play with.

      1. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……. the way you’re talking about her is very protective and caring. 😛

        “bunnybabe (Yes she is a girl and she is not intersted in you) for a beatiful match last night.”

        She’s totally your girlfriend. >.<
        They don't cause trouble, only if they're wrong for you. 😛

        1. Jeep…. You’re acting like a 8 year old kid and if I remember GSA in 2012, when they saw a girl, they all lost their focus in the match. And she wasn’t the only person in the match, there was Shenko, Give me unused name and Glee.

        2. lol. Fine, if you can’t take the teasing I’ll stop. And teasing isn’t childish, it’s teasing.

          And yes, that’s how it usually happened, but why did it happen? Because they were attracted to them. ^.^ Admittance!

  2. I am honored to hear that, specially from this clan. We have 2 more RED-C chickz to pick from, Damo. xD It’s not too late to change your mind (tease) 🙂

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