My presidental speech.

Ladies and Gentlemen of GSA, I am honored to be the president of this clan. I’ve been a GSA for almost 2 years and its great to be president again. I will try my best to help this clan in any circumstance. I’ve chosen Alexwang to be my Vice president and we will making a few changes with this clan. Like the military system, promo system, how much control the Federal Government  has over the military, more training, more bonding, and more parties haha. 

Lets make this a good run.

XForce79 out.


10 thoughts on “My presidental speech.

  1. Things I want u to do:
    update the f**king site
    get the training programme working
    and start a large war with some large clan. (presidents who start a war always get re-elected i have heard)

        1. What is this “real English” you speak of? Cause, so far, I’ve been speaking correct English.

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