Head Map Maker! (Thanks guys :D)

Ok, first of all, thanks to everyone who voted 😛 (Not that alex had any chance at all XD.)

Heres some of the changes i plan to make: (Im a bit tired right now, so ill probably forget some stuff and edit the post with it later.)

  • First of all, theres no head map maker tag XD. Ill most likely make it something like [GSA-H.Arch] or something, unless i think of something better.
  • Next, i may add a couple different architect ranks, maybe as incentive to make good maps.
  • Mostly, im going to completely overhaul the guild page, and make it much easier to find the maps you want.
  • Another idea: have 2 sections, GSA maps, that are dedicated to GSA such as obvious stuff like bases with GSA flags, and then “Maps by GSA” which are just good maps by GSA members.

Stay toasty



[Banana] It would make more sense to have it has [GSA-H.Act] since the regular tag is [GSA-Act]. 

[Jonb7]: Or, i could change the regular tag to [GSA-Arch] since it sounds better XD. Like i said, i was tired while writing, lol.


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