Proposal: Re-voting a TF99 Leader

Ladies and Gentlemen:

On being recruited by akuratron, I was pleased to discover an elite division he created, that consisted of active, professional players, high admirable and alluring. I was obliged to join. Though now Akuratron himself is rarely seen… it’s sad that we lost such a great member. But the division he created should not end in the same way he did, as to memorize him and his contribution, TF99 should kept alive and in good health. Therefore it should be led by an experienced member, skillful, and ACTIVE. Active as in actually playing Plazma Burst 2 when he/she has spare time. Anyone incapable of playing the game can still be in GSA ( although I wonder what purpose there is to remain ), but definitely incompetent of taking the honorable position of TF99 Leader.

TF99 Leader???
TF99 Leader???


I would dearly like to know why Damocles signed up to be TF99 leader in the first place… he undertook an unnecessary burden for himself and deferred the further development of TF99.

I suggest we reconsider who’s competent of being the leader of TF99.




[Banana]: Proposal denied.


12 thoughts on “Proposal: Re-voting a TF99 Leader

    1. TF99 is a division for raiding and fighting. Someone that’s not playing pb2 can’t really do his job. Allow him some time to get his pb2 to work.

  1. I agree that only Damocles alone should decide as to whether he is unfit to lead or not,seeing as we voted him in,unless there was a majority displeasure[on the chat of course] with him.Only then would a vote be necessary to have him step down,but no issue has arisen,therefore,let Damocles be,that is,the leader of the TF99

  2. OK, first off Damocles should decide weather or not to retire from TF99. But this post makes a lot of sense. TF99 is for active PB2 members, and frankly having the TF99 leader not able to get on the very game TF99 needs to survive is confusing. Anyways, that’s my two cents on this issue.

    1. whether*,I understand that he may not get on,but he can still lead it.Just as kings led battles from the safety of their castles,Damocles too can lead it even though he is confined to a virtual wheelchair,so to say.

  3. TF99 IS being kept alive and, in my opinion, is in better health than it’s been for a long time. It was outdated until Damocles brought up the issue. Now since Damocles has been voted leader, the TF99 has been revived. He is even working on a TF99 website: I am not sure how active he is as far as playing the game, but then who really is? And speaking of this statement; “Anyone incapable of playing the game can still be in GSA ( although I wonder what purpose there is to remain )”. That would be pretty stern if it was a rule. Not to mention rude. I am sure there is some members who aren’t as active in-game as others. Even Nick, of all the times I’ve been on the game I’ve never saw him on a map. And he’s the GSA Clan Leader. But although I have not saw him in the game, he does ALOT for the GSA website. And he does a good job at being CL. I don’t hear anyone knocking on him for not playing the game. So why be so hard on Damocles?? Another thing is Damocles has made some good rules for TF99. He’s not just concerned about “activeness” or “skills” but he wants the TF99 members to be respective to other players. I think requirements like that is better than being active all the time. And if all GSA members was respectful to others then there would be no reason for other clans to dislike GSA. I say Damocles is fit for the role as leader. And with him leading, TF99 will be a beacon for GSA. Showing others that GSA is a good respectable clan. His computer might not be running the best for him, I don’t know. Regardless, he is a good leader.

    – Sorry it’s so long. And Nick, I meant no offense to you at all. I was just using you as an example. As I said, you do a really good job with the website and leading GSA.

    1. Very well said indeed my good sir,I had a feeling Damocles did do things for the TF99,but I didn’t know what it was.

  4. Can you show the other texts too? Under the *I used to play PB2* it says *But I still play PB2 in apporoved maps doesn’t matter if it laggs or not* And if you want to fire me from TF99? I am the leader I can take you out from TF99 whenever I want. I don’t want soldiers like you in my division.

  5. Watch as I blow this case wide open. AT THE TIME OF THAT STATEMENT DAMOCLES WAS ON A SHITTY LAPTOP AND HE DOES STILL PB2 AT THIS POINT IN TIME. (And he kicks some ass in it too c:) So fuck off alex. Kitteh Out~

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