Sorry for the short post, but does anyone know who this is?:


And, can anyone decode the language hes using? From what i can read, i think hes AGSA trying to bribe me XD


p.s. dafuqs up with WP smileys? (example: 😛 XD )


13 thoughts on “What?

    1. I kinda hope theyre big enough actually put up a fight. Been to long since weve had a war 😛 (And were all starting to sound like cold war veterans XP)

      And, thanks for the translation devets, lol.

      1. I actually decided to take a break and work on a Slenderman map, since i got that advanced teleportation tech (from silent phoenix-os), although shortly before, i started it. (Note: its actually 4-C, not 5 :P)

      2. apparently “xack” is the founder of “electric usuperation ops” lol. (found him in that guys friend list)

  1. Guy who wants Revenge because GSA “killed his leader”, in-game and it was apparently Nick, but I checked, it was a public match in pb2 and thought to start a fight about it and his members belive him…

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