Okay I’m here to address some issues regarding posts.

To the Editors and Admins:

  1. The “featured” option that sticks your posts to the front page should only be utilized when the post contains an important vote, important news,  large changes to laws and GSA in general, etc. Not every post needs to be featured, it makes the site look unorganized and takes attention away from other posts.

To the rest of the authors:

  1. All posts should have a clear title stating what the content is all about.
  2. All posts should be written with correct grammar and use correct vocabulary .
  3. All posts  should should be relevant to GSA or any PB2 related subjects.
  4. All posts should have the writers name located at the bottom to notify who created it.
  5. Furthermore no posts should contain any profanity or inappropriate content.

Another tip,every author and post writer should issue a category that defines the type of post written. This will help further organize the site. Thank you.



19 thoughts on “Posts

  1. 2. Broken before by Eagle. 😛
    3 + 5 Tell this to Nick XD
    4. They can’t read the top that says “Posted by xxxx”

  2. I approve of this, but I feel that another set of rules should be implemented:
    6. Each and every post should be Relevant to Lord Jabba, alongside GSA.
    7. Every post should include a *Tosses hair* at some point in the body of the paragraph.
    8. Iceh is am best p0ny.
    9. Tethys should be able to disregard all of these rules and get away with it, for two major attacks against her in one month is just begging to get her kicked, and God forbid THAT. c: (am jk teffles :3)
    10. Someone please make an account named ‘Vulture’ for Eagle to fight, that would be hilarious XD
    11. Megan Fox ever appears in another goddamn transformers movie, Greedo is to assassinate her. IMMEDIATELY.

  3. Eagle, you stole some of my ideas 😛
    (I kept telling authors to categorize and tag all posts.)

  4. Eagle, you have to define “PB2 RELATED” or else people will input random URMAHGERD OS PRO AJOWIEFJAOWEJFIAOWEJIOAWEJF LOK AT KDR AND PING AEFJOWEJFOIWEFOIAEJIOJ please change… but Eagle thank you so much for this.

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