[Case Closed] Tikemaro Trial

TikeMaro is on trial for breaching the following laws:

1. Do not bargain with ranks involved. (Aka. do not give someone a rank for any reason other than if they deserve the rank by passing a promotion test. This includes bribery or blackmail. (If Broken: 3rd Degree Offence.)

2. Respect other people and the members of GSA. (except the fakers, try to recruit them to the real GSA.)

3. Do not take action on other clan members without thinking unless authorized by the high-ranking Government officials.

28. As a GSA member, you will follow ALL ORDERS given by a superior officer, unless they interfere with GSA law, or the orders of a higher superior officer, or if it interferes with member rights.


For a fair and legal trial I will need the accuser to put forth evidence of Tike breaking the laws above.

Decision day for the Law Host and the Judges: 1/22/14

Punishment: Second degree punishment

[Eagle613] I am now in charge of the overseeing of the trial to make sure the defendants rights are taken to account and that everything follows our law policies. I am deleting all comments as of right now and only relevant comments of the trial will be permitted.

[Nickman101] You don’t need a trial for this, for trials are only needed if there is a disputed case of high crimes. None of these charges are high crimes, therefore if you wish you may take 2nd degree action on Tikemaro, which ranges from Probation for a week to a Demotion of 2 or 3 ranks and Banishment for a few weeks.

[Eagle613] Then who gets to decide? Me or the Law Host? Or is there a vote needed of some sort?

[UrkillerV] Then his banishment will be settled nicky.

[Eagle613] No banishment. He gets 2-3 rank demotion and probation. If he is caught breaking laws again he gets fired or banished from GSA.

[Nickman101] Actually the law only calls for one of the punishments, you can’t hit him for multiple, so either choose probation or demotion of 2-3 ranks. Btw since you are charging him with the crime you decide the punishment. Unless you want us to do some sort of vote to edit your opinion.

[Eagle613] That’s exactly what I told Deception on the chat, but he wouldn’t listen to me. But since we’ve clarified that now, as a Supreme I choose to give him a 3 rank demotion and he must wait an extra week before receiving a promo test. So on top of the regular two week waiting period he must wait one more making it a total of three weeks. Case closed.

[Jeep] Woh eagle, when did I give you permission to be awesome as me?


22 thoughts on “[Case Closed] Tikemaro Trial

  1. Hmm,yeah..
    We can say that PEOPLE,never heard of ”PEOPLE,, because u are spending ur whole time on computer?
    Let me explain it :
    People are ..
    Unexplainable for u ..
    Anyway i am not here for explaining.
    Law 1 that i broke i actually did not : I did not give anyone the rank,or gifted him we can say.
    Law 2 that i broke i actually did not : I respect everyone,i put AFK in my name,but when i come,i see my pc full of YAH U SUX HIHI JAAAAAA JU SUXX MEIJT AJWURFH ,,
    Law 28 That i actually NEVER broke : So,lemme see,i follow ALL orders.Ohhh,i get it.You wan’t me to say:im gay,im stupid,i suck. These are all orders u wan’t me to acomplish.
    Lord Deception,i don’t even know u,i never chatted with u or something,and u instantly made this post.

    1. First off: Law 2: You have broke. You’ve disrespected me and other people before.
      Second off: Law 28: You almost never follow orders. When I told you to change your rank to LtGen, you said no until I showed you in the members list. You also never stop talking even when ordered to stop.

    2. lmao at that tike. ive personally experienced some of these. you would disobey orders back when i outranked you (how the hell did you rise in rank so much faster?) i also saw the same with banana, eagle, xforce, etc. also, you dont even talk without disrespecting people.
      and another thing, you act like your 6 years old, lol
      i vote to fire him

  2. Listen jeep.
    When i came in chat,and u we’re there.
    You guested me and kicked me and banned me for no clear reason.
    I think reason was nein.
    Or im.bored.as.fuq.
    And u still did not get demoted for that.
    Do i give a shit if u are in bad mood?
    I am in bad mood everyday.
    Because all of you insult me and cuss at me for no clear reason.
    Even if i am AFK i see people insulting me or something.
    Well,let’s be honest.
    I Hate YOU JEEP!
    And are u gonna demote me for that?
    Such rank abuse?
    If someone hates you,you are gonna fire him or something?

    1. The world doesn’t revolve around you, your actions have consequences, you can’t do whatever you want without repercussions. The sooner you learn this the better.(Looks at gigoto) Sound familiar?

        1. .-. Not everyone has lightshot. And if they do they probably didn’t keep the screenshots. Literally everyone has filed a complaint about him.

  3. Well,let me see,tomorrow i am going on trip and i just wanna say that i am sorry if i insulted anybody in this clan.
    I would wanna start over [NOT WITH RANKS,WITH FRIENDSHIP].
    And is allen still law host?
    Anyway .
    I will be back for 3 days.
    I am going on trip,to Washington.

  4. Though it is correct to punish Tikemaro for his crimes, I feel that a lot of the reason why he is being charged is because he is unpopular with the majority of the GSA. There are multiple officers I can think of that have broken the laws mentioned in the post. However, it is up to the senior officers discretion whether to charge an officer on a law or not. (I should put that part about senior officers in the law page.)

      1. That’s exactly why I took control of the trial. I saw that most of the people who wanted him gone just hated him in general. I also thought to fire him was kinda harsh and mean D:

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