The LoLz Moment.

Previously, i was mentioning about the “leg” players who are only a single person who tried to make death threats to GSA.

Now, the poor English speaker, yassine leg returns with a small demand that says:

from {+.SnIpEd.+}YaSSiNE_LeG PRogIDY PRO-X › Friend Request 24 August 2013, 11:20
wanna fight u fool gsa GSA WILL DIE hahahha
Comparing with the previous messages sent from this player, I noticed that he changes factions a lot. Looks like to me he’s a clan-member-wannabe.

14 thoughts on “The LoLz Moment.

  1. well this guy is nuts; power always consumes a clan leader’s mind, which is why i think less on power and more on knowledge.

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