The GSA Code of Honor

The Galactic Security Army is what it’s name suggests. We are a clan of members who are devoted to doing what is right, one that is concerned about the health of others, and one which consists of members endowed with a lifestyle that comes with being a Galactic Security Officer. When you join the GSA, you affirm to an oath that you will uphold the GSA code of honor. We follow a code of honor that none of us should break in any circumstance, either crowded in a foxhole with our fellow comrades, or alone and in grave circumstances.

The GSA Code of Honor:

I am a GSA Member.

I will never leave a comrade behind.

I will never surrender or submit to an enemy, nor allow any enemy to intimidate myself or my comrades.

I will never disregard a plea for help from the innocent, and shall protect peace, order, and well being for GSA and all those we influence.

I stand ready to do whatever is necessary to uphold the values of the GSA.

I will never be the first to start a fight, and I will always the be the first to end it.

I am a guardian of the GSA and the Constitution within it.

I am a GSA Member.